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Role Actor Harvey Keitel
J.R. in Who's That Knocking at My Door
Charlie in Mean Streets
Coleman Buckmaster in That's the Way of the World
Ed Goodman in Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson
Speed in Mother, Jugs & Speed
Gabriel Feraud in The Duellists
Ken Hood in Welcome to L.A.
Jerry in Blue Collar
Jimmy Fingers in Fingers
Henry in Eagle's Wing
Benson in Saturn 3
Inspector Netusil in Bad Timing: A Sensual Obsession
Roddy in Death Watch
Cat in The Border
Thomas Paine in That Night in Varennes
Lt. Fred O'Connor in Order of Death
Rivas in Exposed
Tony, le fugitif in A Stone in the Mouth
Ed Lasky in Falling in Love
Klever in Star Knight
Penfield Gruber in Blindside
Frankie in Camorra (A Story of Streets, Women and Crime)
Solly Berliner in The Men's Club
Bobby DiLea in Wise Guys
Ponzio Pilato in The Inquiry
Nikolaj Bucharin in Caro Gorbaciov
Judas in The Last Temptation of Christ
Frank Starkey in The January Man
Roderick Usher (segment "The Black Cat") in Two Evil Eyes
Jake Berman in The Two Jakes
Mickey Cohen in Bugsy
Hal in Thelma & Louise
LT in Bad Lieutenant
Mr. White in Reservoir Dogs
Vince LaRocca in Sister Act
Eddie Israel in Dangerous Game
George Baines in The Piano
Lt. Tom Graham in Rising Sun
John Harris in The Young Americans
Ray Weiler in Imaginary Crimes
Azro in Monkey Trouble
Harry Harrelson in Somebody to Love
Auggie Wren in Blue in the Face
Rocco Klein in Clockers
Auggie Wren in Smoke
A in Ulysses' Gaze
Jacob Fuller in From Dusk Till Dawn
George in Head Above Water
Roy Egan in City of Industry
Ray Donlan in Cop Land
Harry Houdini in FairyTale: A True Story
Elvis in Finding Graceland
Izzy Maurer in Lulu on the Bridge
Chief in U-571
PJ Waters in Holy Smoke
Johnny Lowen in Il mio West
Thomas in Grandi cacciatori
Dad in Little Nicky
Sacha in The American Bride
Matt Benson in Ginostra
Leone in Viper
Tony Romano in Nailed
Che in Cuban Blood
Zolo in Beeper
Major Steve Arnold in Taking Sides
Jack Crawford in Red Dragon
Frankie Zammeti in Crime Spree
Walter McGrane in Puerto Vallarta Squeeze
Edward Robards in The GalĂ­ndez File
Uncle Pio in The Bridge of San Luis Rey
Weldon in Shadows in the Sun
Roger Culkin in A Crime
The Merchant in The Stone Merchant
Zowie in My Sexiest Year
Joseph Bruno in The Ministers
General Hunter Blair in Blood on the Crown
Angelo Bruno in The Irishman
Nino in Wrong Turn at Tahoe
16080 in Paradox Effect
Jeremiah in Hellfire
Don Carini in The Last Godfather
Father Johanis in A Farewell to Fools
Eion in Hard Matter
Al in The Congress
Edward Baker in Gandhi of the Month
16080 in Spread
Bill Agati in Two Men in Town
Walter in Good Side of a Bad Man
Dante in The Wrecker
Nick Celozzi Sr. in The Legitimate Wiseguy
16080 in Cut Throats Nine
Noe in The Last Man
Mick Boyle in Youth
16080 in The Baker
Sonson in Chosen
Demi Lampros in Lies We Tell
Meyer Lansky in Lansky
Bob in Madame
16080 in Live Fast, Die Laughing
Abraham in Esau
Rabbi Hammerstein in Unto the Son
Larry in Reservoir Dogs


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