Quentin Tarantino


Director Quentin Tarantino
Director ofReservoir Dogs
Director ofPulp Fiction
Director ofFour Rooms
Director ofJackie Brown
Director ofKill Bill: Vol. 1
Director ofInglourious Basterds
Director ofKill Bill: Vol. 2
Director ofSin City
Director ofGrindhouse
Director ofDeath Proof
Director ofDjango Unchained
Director ofThe Movie Critic
Director ofThe Hateful Eight
Director ofKill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair
Director ofOnce Upon a Time in... Hollywood
IMDB Person Quentin Tarantino
IMDB Name Pageimdb.com/name/nm0000233/
Producer Quentin Tarantino
Producer ofSiu nin Wong Fei Hung chi: Tit ma lau
Producer ofPlanet Terror
Role Actor Quentin Tarantino
Role CharacterJohnny Destiny
Role MovieDestiny Turns on the Radio
Role CharacterRichard Gecko
Role MovieFrom Dusk Till Dawn
Role CharacterQuentin Tarantino
Role MovieGod Said, 'Ha!'
Role CharacterClarence Pool
Role MovieMy Best Friend's Birthday
Role CharacterPiringo
Role MovieSukiyaki uesutan Jango
Writer Quentin Tarantino
Writer ofTrue Romance
Writer ofNatural Born Killers
Writer ofCurdled
Writer ofDjango/Zorro


Birthdate of Quentin Tarantino
Birthdate1963 AD