Francis Ford Coppola


Director Francis Ford Coppola
Director ofNebo zovyot
Director ofThe Bellboy and the Playgirls
Director ofDementia 13
Director ofThe Terror
Director ofYou're a Big Boy Now
Director ofFinian's Rainbow
Director ofThe Rain People
Director ofThe Godfather
Director ofThe Conversation
Director ofThe Godfather Part II
Director ofApocalypse Now
Director ofOne from the Heart
Director ofThe Outsiders
Director ofRumble Fish
Director ofThe Cotton Club
Director ofPeggy Sue Got Married
Director ofGardens of Stone
Director ofTucker: The Man and His Dream
Director ofNew York Stories
Director ofThe Godfather Part III
Director ofBram Stoker's Dracula
Director ofJack
Director ofThe Rainmaker
Director ofSupernova
Director ofTonight for Sure
Director ofYouth Without Youth
Director ofTetro
Director ofMegalopolis
Director ofTwixt
Director ofDistant Vision
IMDB Person Francis Ford Coppola
Producer Francis Ford Coppola
Producer ofAmerican Graffiti
Producer ofFrankenstein
Producer ofDon Juan DeMarco
Producer ofLani-Loa
Producer ofThe Florentine
Producer ofThe Virgin Suicides
Role Actor Francis Ford Coppola
Role MovieAmerican Mythologies
Writer Francis Ford Coppola
Writer ofThe Haunted Palace
Writer ofParis brûle-t-il?
Writer ofThis Property Is Condemned
Writer ofPatton
Writer ofThe Way We Were
Writer ofThe Great Gatsby


Birthdate of Francis Ford Coppola
Birthdate1939 AD