Robert Duvall


Director Robert Duvall
Director ofWe're Not the Jet Set
Director ofAngelo My Love
IMDB Person Robert Duvall
Producer Robert Duvall
Producer ofPortrait of Billy Joe
Producer ofCrazy Heart
Role Actor Robert Duvall
Role CharacterChiz
Role MovieCountdown
Role CharacterGordon
Role MovieThe Rain People
Role CharacterDespard
Role MovieThe Revolutionary
Role CharacterTHX
Role MovieTHX 1138
Role CharacterVernon Adams
Role MovieLawman
Role CharacterJesse James
Role MovieThe Great Northfield Minnesota Raid
Role CharacterFrank Harlan
Role MovieJoe Kidd
Role CharacterJackson Fentry
Role MovieTomorrow
Role CharacterEddie Ryan
Role MovieBadge 373
Role CharacterFord Pierce
Role MovieLady Ice
Role CharacterTom Hagen
Role MovieThe Godfather Part II
Role CharacterEarl Macklin
Role MovieThe Outfit
Role CharacterJay Wagner
Role MovieBreakout
Role CharacterGeorge Hansen
Role MovieThe Killer Elite
Role CharacterColonel Radl
Role MovieThe Eagle Has Landed
Role CharacterFrank Hackett
Role MovieNetwork
Role CharacterDr. John H. Watson
Role MovieThe Seven-Per-Cent Solution
Role CharacterLoren Hardeman III
Role MovieThe Betsy
Role CharacterLt. Col. Bill Kilgore
Role MovieApocalypse Now
Role CharacterBull Meechum
Role MovieThe Great Santini
Role CharacterGruen
Role MovieThe Pursuit of D.B. Cooper
Role CharacterDet. Sgt. Tom Spellacy
Role MovieTrue Confessions
Role CharacterMac Sledge
Role MovieTender Mercies
Role CharacterMax Mercy
Role MovieThe Natural
Role CharacterJoe Hillerman
Role MovieThe Stone Boy
Role CharacterCalvin Caspary
Role MovieThe Lightship
Role CharacterRoberto Carrasco
Role MovieHotel Colonial
Role CharacterBob Hodges
Role MovieColors
Role CharacterSoll Gautier
Role MovieConvicts
Role CharacterHarry Hogge
Role MovieDays of Thunder
Role CharacterHoward
Role MovieA Show of Force
Role CharacterDaddy
Role MovieRambling Rose
Role CharacterJoseph Pulitzer
Role MovieNewsies
Role CharacterJoseph Grand
Role MovieLa peste
Role CharacterPrendergast
Role MovieFalling Down
Role CharacterAl Sieber
Role MovieGeronimo: An American Legend
Role CharacterWalter
Role MovieWrestling Ernest Hemingway
Role CharacterBernie White
Role MovieThe Paper
Role CharacterRoger Chillingworth
Role MovieThe Scarlet Letter
Role CharacterWyly King
Role MovieSomething to Talk About
Role CharacterMr. Cox
Role MovieThe Stars Fell on Henrietta
Role CharacterEarl Pilcher Jr.
Role MovieA Family Thing
Role CharacterDoc
Role MoviePhenomenon
Role CharacterThe Apostle E.F.
Role MovieThe Apostle
Role CharacterJerome Facher
Role MovieA Civil Action
Role CharacterSpurgeon Tanner
Role MovieDeep Impact
Role CharacterGordon McLeod
Role MovieA Shot at Glory
Role CharacterLt. Frank Grimes
Role MovieJohn Q
Role CharacterGen. Robert E. Lee
Role MovieGods and Generals
Role CharacterJohn J.
Role MovieAssassination Tango
Role CharacterBoss Spearman
Role MovieOpen Range
Role CharacterHub
Role MovieSecondhand Lions
Role CharacterL. C. Cheever
Role MovieLucky You
Role CharacterHoward
Role MovieFour Christmases
Role CharacterBuck Weston
Role MovieKicking & Screaming
Role CharacterOld Man
Role MovieThe Road
Role CharacterFelix Bush
Role MovieGet Low
Role CharacterGload
Role MovieThe Ploughmen
Role CharacterJohnny Crawford
Role MovieSeven Days in Utopia
Role CharacterJoseph Palmer
Role MovieThe Judge
Role CharacterRed
Role MovieA Night in Old Mexico
Role CharacterScott Briggs
Role MovieWild Horses
Role CharacterLuca Venieri
Role MovieHotel Colonial


Birthdate of Robert Duvall
Birthdate1931 AD