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Role Actor Daryl Hannah
Cathy Featherstone in Summer Lovers
Diane in The Pope of Greenwich Village
Tracey Prescott in Reckless
Madison in Splash
Ayla in The Clan of the Cave Bear
Chelsea Deardon in Legal Eagles
Roxanne in Roxanne
Mary Plunkett in High Spirits
Kathy Burgess in Crazy People
Andy Huben in At Play in the Fields of the Lord
Alice Monroe in Memoirs of an Invisible Man
Leann Netherwood in The Tie That Binds
Margaret in The Last Days of Frankie the Fly
Liz in Two Much
Lois Harlan in The Gingerbread Man
Kelly in The Real Blonde
Lizzie in My Favorite Martian
Maggie in Hi-Life
Sabine in Wildflowers
Erica Long in Diplomatic Siege
Celia Jones in Cowboy Up
Angel in Dancing at the Blue Iguana
Bobbi in Jackpot
Elle Driver in Kill Bill: Vol. 1
Cynthia Carter in A Walk to Remember
Skipper in Casa de los babys
Stella in The Big Empty
CJ March in The Job
Elle Driver aka California Mountain Snake in Kill Bill: Vol. 2
Adriana in The Life
Salt in Vice
Maggie Granger in Olé
Carrie Mitchel in The Devil's Ground
Rita Baker in Shannon's Rainbow
Jane Ryder in Blind Revenge
Narrator in The Carbon Rush
Ginger Peabody in The Hot Flashes
16080 in Arise
The Advocate in American Mustang
Rose in Undateable John
Zhanna in Skin Traffik
Joanna Sebastian in Father Rupert Mayer
Major Anderson in 2047: Sights of Death
Narrator in Na Nai'a: Legend of the Dolphins
Sarah Freidman in Papa
16080 in Disappointment Valley: A Modern Day Western


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