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Role Actor Rutger Hauer
The King in Repelsteeltje
Eric in Turkish Delight
Cris in Cold Blood
Rick in Hard to Remember
Pierre in The Year of the Cancer
Hugo in Katie Tippel
Erik Lanshof in Soldier of Orange
Johan Nagel in Mysteries
Rinus de Gier in Grijpstra & De Gier
Adriaan in Woman Between Wolf and Dog
Etienne de Balsan in Chanel Solitaire
Wulfgar in Nighthawks
Batty in Blade Runner
Claude Maillot Van Horn in Eureka
John Tanner in The Osterman Weekend
Jim Malden in A Breed Apart
Martin in Flesh+Blood
Navarre in Ladyhawke
John Ryder in The Hitcher
Nick Randall in Wanted: Dead or Alive
Sallow in The Blood of Heroes
Andreas Kartak in The Legend of the Holy Drinker
Nick Parker in Blind Fury
John Knott in Up to Date
Frank Warren in Wedlock
Lothos in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Ben Jordan in Past Midnight
Tom Burton in Beyond Justice
Harley Stone in Split Second
Ben Corbett in Arctic Blue
Reuben in The Beans of Egypt, Maine
The Mystic Monk in Nostradamus
Thomas Burns in Surviving the Game
Leo in Blast
A.T. in Crossworlds
Omega Doom in Omega Doom
Armond Crille in Precious Find
John Anderson Wade in Redline
Palmer in Bone Daddy
Squire in Simon Magus
David Marx in New World Disorder
Gene Reardon in Partners in Crime
Archbishop Paul Marcinkus in The Bankers of God: The Calvi Affair
Keith Miller in Lying in Wait
Dr. Sam Dennis Charney in Slow Burn
Ezekial in Flying Virus
Grekkor in Warrior Angels
Van Beuningen in Tempesta
Sebastian in Never Enough
Maxwell McAllister in Moving McAllister
Sanford Pollard in Mentor
Victor Spoon in Spoon
Dr. Richard Nagel in Magic Flute Diaries
Abraham Jonker in Black Butterflies
Withstander in The Reverend
Antonio in Portable Life
Federico Barbarossa in Sword of War
Pieter Bruegel in The Mill and the Cross
16080 in Dazzle
Khant in Klyuch salamandry
Father Bejamin Praagh in The Letters
Hobo in Hobo with a Shotgun
Il sacrestano in The Cardboard Village
Alfred Heineken in The Heineken Kidnapping
Maciste in Il Futuro
Van Dyk in Agent Ranjid rettet die Welt
Stranger in Corbin Nash
Aron Mulder in WAX: We Are the X
Diego in Tonight at Noon
Professor Moonlight in The Broken Key
16080 in Cancer Cure
Frank in 24 Hours to Live
Richard Marlowe in The Sonata
Roberta's Husband in The Beans of Egypt, Maine


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