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Role Actor Natasha Henstridge
Sil in Species
Delon in Adrenalin: Fear the Rush
Alex in Maximum Risk
Mary in Standoff
Donna in Bela Donna
Eve in Species II
Lorna in Dog Park
Anna Penn in It Had to Be You
Mimi Prager in Bounce
Lieutenant Melanie Ballard in Ghosts of Mars
Crystal Ball in Second Skin
Bonnie Livengood in Chilly Dogs
Karen in Steal
Cynthia in The Whole Ten Yards
Taylor Ward in Night of the Sicario
Susan Wade in Hero Dog: The Journey Home
Mrs. Wallendorf in This Game's Called Murder
Bernice in The Unhealer
Janice Porter in The First Circle
Jenna in Vote for Santa
Dee in House of Abraham
Lt. Alison Briggs in Anatomy of Deception
Victoria Rogers in Another Day in America
Fairy Godmother in Cinderella's Revenge
Rebecca Myles in Badge of Honor
Susan Wells in The Christmas Switch
Olivia in 7th Secret
Jennifer in The Black Room
Valerie in Inconceivable
Mary in House Red
Editor in Ravers
Liza in Condition of Return
club manager in 7th Secret


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