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Role Actor Dennis Hopper
Tom Boyd in From Hell to Texas
Hatfield Carnes in The Young Land
William 'Cowboy' Tomkins in Key Witness
Johnny Drake in Night Tide
Paul Grant in Queen of Blood
Chino in The Glory Stompers
Max in The Trip
Billy in Easy Rider
Bickford Waner in Kid Blue
Mel, le photographe in Flesh Color
Daniel Morgan in Mad Dog Morgan
Sgt. Jack Falen in Tracks
Tom Ripley in The American Friend
A Spy in The Sorceror's Apprentice
Chicken in Bloodbath
Medford in Last In, First Out
Don in Out of the Blue
Rev. Tom Hartley in Reborn
Cracker in Human Highway
Richard Tremayne in The Osterman Weekend
Father in Rumble Fish
Kenneth Barlow in White Star
Miller in Slagskämpen
Ben Dumer in Black Widow
Frank Booth in Blue Velvet
Shooter Fletch in Hoosiers
The Captain in The American Way
Lieutenant 'Lefty' Enright in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
Flash in The Pick-up Artist
Video Director in Running Out of Luck
Milo in Catchfire
William Bradford Berrigan in Blood Red
Walker Benson in Chattahoochee
Huey Walker in Flashback
Paris Trout in Paris Trout
Carl Madson in Sunset Heat
Lyle in Red Rock West
Red in Boiling Point
King Koopa in Super Mario Bros.
Clifford Worley in True Romance
Howard Payne in Speed
Dr. Luther Waxling in Search and Destroy
Deacon in Waterworld
Joseph Svenden in Carried Away
Frankie in The Last Days of Frankie the Fly
Mr. B in The Good Life
Sheriff Ben Gilchrist in Road Ends
Charles Atlas in Top of the World
Rick Chambers in Lured Innocence
Frank Hector in Straight Shooter
Lewis Garou in The Apostate
William S. Burroughs in The Source
Alex Swan in Ticker
Vincent Swan in The Prophet's Game
Giani Ponti in Luck of the Draw
Benny Chains in Knockaround Guys
Roland in The Venice Project
JD in Held for Ransom
Ed DeLongpre in The Spreading Ground
16080 in Tarzan and Jane Regained... Sort of
Captain Elsworth in L.A.P.D.: To Protect and to Serve
16080 in The Festival Game
16080 in The Thirteen Most Beautiful Boys
Robert Nile in The Piano Player
Frank Sinatra in All the Way
Krebs in The Keeper
Harry Barlow in Out of Season
CHP Officer in Legacy
Father Duffy in House of 9
Eddie Zero in Hell Ride
Narrator in Inside Deep Throat
Kaufman in Land of the Dead
Max Lichtenstein in Memory
16080 in Venice: Lost and Found
Narrator in Rising Son: The Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi
George O'Hearn in Elegy
Frank in Palermo Shooting
Tony in Alpha and Omega
Nick Twain in The Last Film Festival
Narrator in Tim Leary: The Art of Dying
Frank Booth in Blue Velvet Lost Footage
16080 in In the Lines of My Hand
16080 in When Hippies Ruled the World
Stranger in Human Highway
Salvatore in The Venice Project


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