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Role Actor Bai Ling
Shen Yuelin in Red Corner
Jing Huan in Arc Light
Chun Hua in Row Your Boat
Tuptim in Anna and the King
Lucy Westenra in The Breed
Ling in The Beautiful Country
Kim in Face
RJ in The Extreme Team
Qiu in Taxi 3
Skylar in Storm Watch
Linda in Paris
Xiao Qian in Da xue sheng yi shi
16080 in Shan cun feng yue
Mei (segment "Dumplings") in Three... Extremes
Michelle in The Gene Generation
Mei, The Cook in Dumplings
Nadia in Living & Dying
Peasant Woman in Escape from China
Coco in Shanghai Baby
Esther in A Beautiful Life
16080 in Fei fa chi qiang zhe
Kim Lee in Game of Assassins
Shumai in My Red Neck Neighbor
Jane in The Abortionist
Maho 'Blue Diamond' Chu in K-Town
Nurse Edmond in Jack Be Nimble
Dede in Dim Sum Funeral
Samantha in Magic Man
Sofia in My Quarantine Romance with Toilet paper
NBI Operative in The Expat
16080 in Book of Nightmares
Dr. Meili Liu in Airliner Sky Battle
Wang Lingjuan in Tears in Suzhou
Nok in Knockdown
Jade Mei in Night Caller
Scorpio in Buckle Up
16080 in Corporate Cougars
Cristiane in Everlasting
Zhang Qian in Comedy Makes You Cry
Demi in Werewolf Game
Coco in Petty Cash
Susan Kai in The Delano Files
Cornelia in The Haunted Studio
Brenda in Pig Killer
Amanda Chen in American Girls
Dr. Li in Mega Ape
Polly in Love & Karma
Yan Hong in Wu qiang qiang shou
Jade Mei in Scalper
Jackie in Speed Dragon
Elvira in Kung Fu Slayers
Madame Emerald in House of Karma
Rita Kidberry in Behind Locked Doors
Lucy in Desert Fiends
Lisa Nhu in Pharmacide
Lucy in Blood Shed
Nurse Nancy in The Omicron Killer
Lala in Assassin's Mad Love
Li Soo in Call Me King
The Bodyguard in Assassin's Game
Ida in The Key
Doggé in Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance
June Lee in 6 Ways to Die
Katrina in City Limits
The Mistress in Boned
Galvana in League of Superheroes
Lourdes Cassandra in The Magnificent Raiders of Dimension War One
Lilly in Sacred Blood
The Clerk in USA Motel
Jai Dee in Dark Karma
Mai Ping in Hummingbird
May Chiu in Escape from Paradise
Crystal in Hustle Down
Amanda in Exorcism at 60,000 Feet
Cherry in Lockdown
Biyu in Painted Beauty
Cleo in Venus as a Boy
Lady Princess in Things Like This
Shen Li in Paris
Kung Pao Chicken Queen in My Quarantine Romance with Toilet paper


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