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Role Actor Ray Liotta
Eugene Luciano in Dominick and Eugene
Shoeless Joe Jackson in Field of Dreams
Henry Hill in Goodfellas
Dr. Richard Sturgess in Article 99
Officer Pete Davis in Unlawful Entry
Manny Singer in Corrina, Corrina
Robbins in No Escape
Capt. T.C. Doyle in Operation Dumbo Drop
David Krane in Unforgettable
Gary Figgis in Cop Land
Harry Collins in Phoenix
Ryan Weaver in Turbulence
Dean Cumanno in Heartbreakers
Mark Brice in Forever Mine
Nathan Neubauer in A Rumor of Angels
Jack in Pilgrim
Paul Krendler in Hannibal
Henry Oak in Narc
Rhodes in Identity
Dorothy Macha in Revolver
Lee Ray Oliver in Control
Ford Cole in Slow Burn
Walter Pearce in Comeback Season
Gallian in In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale
John Talia Sr. in Local Color
Donald Carruthers in Smokin' Aces
Adult Mickey Straka in Chasing 3000
Cole Frankel in Crossing Over
Detective Terry Subcott in Hero Wanted
Jack Doheny in Powder Blue
Mr. Landolfa in Hubie Halloween
Mark Shields in The Line
Gray in Crazy on the Outside
Detective Harrison in Observe and Report
Jim in Ticket Out
Michael Bloom in Revenge of the Green Dragons
Syd in Cocaine Bear
Peter Mazzoni in The Details
Man in the Suit in Pawn
Afai in Yellow
Dr. Brintall in All Things Fall Apart
Richard Nader in The Entitled
Jack Verdon in The River Murders
Markie Trattman in Killing Them Softly
Molloy in Bad Karma
16080 in Dangerous Waters
Sheriff Cooley in Breathless
Dr. Robert Michaels in The Devil's in the Details
Reece Wade in The Identical
Tod Shaw in Suddenly
Mr. Ancilla in Broken Soldier
Jack Morehead in The Backup Dancer
Blackway in Blackway
16080 in April 29, 1992
Vinny Staggliano in Heartbreakers


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