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Role Actor Tim Roth
Boy Punk in Return to Waterloo
Feliks in To Kill A Priest
Anton in Farendj
Guildenstern in Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead
Vincent Van Gogh in Vincent & Theo
Tom Whitton in Backsliding
Manny in Jumpin' at the Boneyard
Milan in The Perfect Husband
Mr. Orange in Reservoir Dogs
Nick in Bodies, Rest & Motion
Philip Chaney in Captives
Joshua Shapira in Little Odessa
Ted the Bellhop in Four Rooms
Cunningham in Rob Roy
Joey in No Way Home
Henry in Animals with the Tollkeeper
Stretch in Gridlock'd
Dutch Schultz in Hoodlum
Wayland in Deceiver
Novecento in The Legend of 1900
Thade in Planet of the Apes
Marquis de Lauzun in Vatel
Gig in Lucky Numbers
Herschel Steinschneider in Invincible
16080 in Twice Upon a Time
John Harrett in Emmett's Mark
Oliver Cromwell in To Kill a King
Sutter in Don't Come Knocking
Jeremy Macfarlane in The Last Sign
Jeff Platzer in Dark Water
Dominic Matei in Youth Without Youth
Emil Blonsky in The Incredible Hulk
George in Funny Games
David in Resurrection
King Pedro II of Aragon in King Conqueror
Stan in Punch
Archie in Broken
Neil Bennett in Sundown
Det. Michael Bryer in Arbitrage
Roy in The Liability
Hopper in Mr. Right
Prince Rainier in Grace of Monaco
Ivan Rostovsky in Möbius
Charlie in Come Together
Coach Jared in 1 Mile to You
Tom in October Gale
Kevin Angler in Classified
Sepp Blatter in United Passions
Henry's Father in Hardcore Henry
Lucas in Poison
Hank Harris in 600 Miles
David in Chronic
Peter Fox in The Con is On
Schultz in The Misfits
Padre in The Padre
Tony in Bergman Island
Peter Edgar in Luce
Freddy in Reservoir Dogs
Erik Jan Hanussen in Invincible
Frank Dwyer in Emmett's Mark
Reynolds in Mr. Right


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