Martin Sheen


IMDB Person Martin Sheen
Role Actor Martin Sheen
Role CharacterArtie Connors
Role MovieThe Incident
Role CharacterTimmy Cleary
Role MovieThe Subject Was Roses
Role CharacterAshby Gatrell
Role MovieNo Drums, No Bugles
Role CharacterLester Baumgartner
Role MoviePickup on 101
Role CharacterMaj. Holliford
Role MovieRage
Role CharacterKit
Role MovieBadlands
Role CharacterBluff Jackson
Role MovieWhen the Line Goes Through
Role CharacterLuther Sykes
Role MovieThe Legend of Earl Durand
Role CharacterRobby Navarro
Role MovieThe Cassandra Crossing
Role CharacterFrank Hallet
Role MovieThe Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane
Role CharacterCapt. Benjamin L. Willard
Role MovieApocalypse Now
Role CharacterPike
Role MovieEagle's Wing
Role CharacterWarren Lasky
Role MovieThe Final Countdown
Role CharacterStephen Booker
Role MovieLoophole
Role CharacterAlex Holbeck
Role MovieEnigma
Role CharacterTom Daley
Role MovieThat Championship Season
Role CharacterRobert Beckwith
Role MovieMan, Woman and Child
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieIn the Name of the People
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieBroken Rainbow
Role CharacterAlex Carmody
Role MovieA State of Emergency
Role CharacterCal Jamison
Role MovieThe Believers
Role CharacterCharlie
Role MovieDa
Role CharacterHerbert J Stern
Role MovieJudgment in Berlin
Role CharacterDr. Jeffrey Miller
Role MovieBeverly Hills Brats
Role CharacterPaul Andrews
Role MovieBeyond the Stars
Role CharacterJohn Hyde
Role MovieCold Front
Role CharacterMcKinney
Role MovieCadence
Role CharacterDan Walker
Role MovieRunning Wild
Role CharacterFrancis Labeck
Role MovieFortunes of War
Role CharacterGen. Robert E. Lee
Role MovieGettysburg
Role CharacterLt. Brock
Role MovieHear No Evil
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieMy Home, My Prison
Role CharacterCaptain Swaggert
Role MovieWhen the Bough Breaks
Role CharacterJesse James Montgomery
Role MovieBoca
Role CharacterJackson Baines Hardin (Ole Devil)
Role MovieTrigger Fast
Role CharacterA.J. MacInerney
Role MovieThe American President
Role CharacterGil Robbins
Role MovieThe Break
Role CharacterJeff Snyder
Role MovieCaptain Nuke and the Bomber Boys
Role CharacterFather Jozo Zovko
Role MovieGospa
Role CharacterPeter Maurin
Role MovieEntertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story
Role CharacterBob Collier
Role MovieThe War at Home
Role Movie187: Documented
Role CharacterMichael's Father
Role MovieA Letter from Death Row
Role CharacterJason Wynn
Role MovieSpawn
Role CharacterSigurd Moulton
Role MovieA Stranger in the Kingdom
Role CharacterBill Peterson
Role MovieNo Code of Conduct
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieTudjman
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieShadrach
Role CharacterThe Stranger
Role MovieGunfighter
Role CharacterRichard Conley
Role MovieAnother Time, Another Place
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieTaylor's Campaign
Role CharacterGrandpa Sparta
Role MovieA Texas Funeral
Role CharacterCoach Duke Goulding
Role MovieO
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieHoles in Heaven
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieAlive: 20 Years Later
Role CharacterRoger Strong
Role MovieCatch Me If You Can
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieStockpile
Role CharacterDep. Atty. Gen. Nicholas Katzenbach
Role MovieThe Commission
Role MovieWe the People
Role CharacterFrederik
Role MovieMilost mora
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieJames Dean: Forever Young
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieWho Killed the Electric Car?
Role CharacterWarren Anderson
Role MovieBhopal: A Prayer for Rain
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieRush to Judgment II
Role CharacterDr. Frank Irwin
Role MovieChamaco
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieThey Killed Sister Dorothy
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieFlower in the Gun Barrel
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieAmazonia
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieBenedict Arnold: Hero Betrayed
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieProving Holiness
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieBrothers on the Line
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieFinding Our Voices: Stories of American Dissent
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieFather G and the Homeboys
Role CharacterTom
Role MovieThe Way
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieWater Wars
Role CharacterHighland
Role MovieThe Double
Role MovieCuba: The 40 Years War
Role CharacterFr. Daniel Barry
Role MovieStella Days
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieHalfway Home
Role CharacterFather Juilliard
Role MovieTrash
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieHoly Man: The USA vs Douglas White
Role MovieRadical Kindness
Role CharacterFallen Soldier
Role MovieMan in the Mirror
Role CharacterPresenter
Role MovieVigilante: Georgia's Vote Suppression Hitman
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieThe Second Cooler
Role CharacterFather
Role MovieNobody's Heroes
Role MovieThe Way: Chapter 2
Role CharacterCaptain Daniel Richards
Role MovieBadge of Honor
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieKitá
Role CharacterFather Douglas
Role MovieThe Vessel
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieMessenger of the Truth
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieGhost Town-The Hebron Story
Role MovieLost & Found in Cleveland
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieAmerican Hercules: Babe Ruth
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieThe Hammer of Hank Aaron
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieDreamland: Mark Twain's Journey to Jerusalem
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieThe Immortal: Ted Williams
Role CharacterNarrator
Role MovieIron Knight: Lou Gehrig
Role CharacterDoc Hall
Role Movie12 Mighty Orphans
Role CharacterJC Super Star
Role MovieMan in the Mirror
Role CharacterMan in Black
Role MovieMan in the Mirror


Birthdate of Martin Sheen
Birthdate1940 AD