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Role Actor Christopher Walken
Privatz James H. Reese in The Mind Snatchers
Nick in The Deer Hunter
Jamie Shannon in The Dogs of War
Nathan D. Champion in Heaven's Gate
Mr. Rainbow in Shoot the Sun Down
Michael Brace in Brainstorm
Johnny Smith in The Dead Zone
Max Zorin in A View to a Kill
Brad Sr. in At Close Range
Don Stevens in Witness in the War Zone
Sgt. Toomey in Biloxi Blues
Wesley Pendergass in Homeboy
Whitley Strieber in Communion
Robert in The Comfort of Strangers
Frank White in King of New York
Robert McBain in McBain
Max Shreck in Batman Returns
Pasco Meisner in Le grand pardon II
Bobby Cahn in Wayne's World 2
Vanni Corso in A Business Affair
Peina in The Addiction
Mr. Smith in Nick of Time
Gabriel in The Prophecy
The Man with the Plan in Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead
Bruno Buckingham in Wild Side
Ray in The Funeral
Hickey in Last Man Standing
Ray in Excess Baggage
Carlo Bartolucci in Suicide Kings
Bill Hill in Touch
Calvin in Blast from the Past
Fox in New Rose Hotel
Vic Kelly in The Opportunists
Max in Kiss Toledo Goodbye
Puss in Puss in Boots
Sal Maggio in Kangaroo Jack
Frank Abagnale in Catch Me If You Can
Lieutenant McDuff in Scotland, Pa.
Roy Callahan in Bachelor Trip
Frank Featherbed in Undertaking Betty
Hatcher in The Rundown
Paul Rayburn in Man on Fire
Turner Lair in Around the Bend
Morty in Click
Secretary Cleary in Wedding Crashers
Feng in Balls of Fury
Brewster in Fade to Black
Jack Menken in Man of the Year
Doke in The Power of Few
Nat Parker in $5 a Day
Roger Barlow in The Maiden Heist
Peter Mitchell in A Late Quartet
Doc in Stand Up Guys
Shondor Birns in Kill the Irishman
16080 in Untitled Martin McDonagh Project
Jackie in Dark Horse
Hans in Seven Psychopaths
Paul in One More Time
Tony Reilly in Wild Mountain Thyme
16080 in That's Amore!
Roger in Shady Pines
Percy Schmeiser in Percy Vs Goliath
Charlie Barret in Suicide Kings


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