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Role Actor Julie Christie
Babette La Verne in Crooks Anonymous
Claire Chingford in The Fast Lady
Liz in Billy Liar
Diana Scott in Darling
Lara in Doctor Zhivago
Daisy Battles in Young Cassidy
Clarisse in Fahrenheit 451
Bathsheba in Far from the Madding Crowd
Catherine Morelli in In Search of Gregory
Petulia Danner in Petulia
Marian - Lady Trimingham in The Go-Between
Constance Miller in McCabe & Mrs. Miller
Laura Baxter in Don't Look Now
Jackie in Shampoo
Susan Harris in Demon Seed
Betty Logan in Heaven Can Wait
Narrator in The Animals Film
D in Memoirs of a Survivor
Anne (1982 in Satipur Town) in Heat and Dust
Ruby in The Gold Diggers
Catherine Dantec in Les quarantièmes rugissants
Mary Mulligan in Miss Mary
Ellen Freeman in Power
Helen Cuffe in The Railway Station Man
Gertrude in Hamlet
Phyllis Mann in Afterglow
Rachel in The Miracle Maker
Glenda Spender in Belphegor: Phantom of the Louvre
Narma in Snapshots
Mrs. Emma du Maurier in Finding Neverland
Narrator in A Letter to True
Narrator in Garbo
Fiona Anderson in Away from Her
Narrator in Cycle of Peace
Linda Montag in Fahrenheit 451


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