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Role Actor Charles Durning
Superintendent in Hi, Mom!
Jason's First Mate in Doomsday Voyage
Joseph Larch in Sisters
Lt. Wm. Snyder in The Sting
Spermwhale Whalen in The Choirboys
Peter Stockmann in An Enemy of the People
Dr. Jim McKeever in The Fury
Harold 'The Whale' Remmens in Tilt
Coach Johnson in North Dallas Forty
Michael (Mickey) Potter in Starting Over
John Clifford in When a Stranger Calls
Arnold in Die Laughing
Jack Amsterdam in True Confessions
Governor in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Charlie in Two of a Kind
Sam Crawford in Hadley's Rebellion
Monsignor Thomas Burke in Mass Appeal
Ross in The Man with One Red Shoe
Louis Thibadeau in Stand Alone
Chucky in Stick
O'Mara in Big Trouble
Deke Yablonski in Tough Guys
Father O'Reilly in Where the River Runs Black
Dutch Peltz in Cop
Charlie in Happy New Year
Father Ted Nabors in The Rosary Murders
Charlie in A Tiger's Tale
Bertrum in Far North
Jiggs Scully in Cat Chaser
Lt. Mallory in V.I. Warshawski
Bill Flower in The Music of Chance
Waring Hudsucker in The Hudsucker Proxy
Henry Larson in Home for the Holidays
The Director in Spy Hard
Norbie Hess in The Secret Life of Algernon
Skippy in Lakeboat
Rev. Hale in Never Look Back
Marshall Ledger in Death and Texas
Dylan Frier in Pride & Loyalty
Eddie O'Brien in Forget About It
Jimmy Kerrigan in Dead Canaries
Victor Rasdale in Dirty Deeds
Inkeeper #2 in Descansos
Congressman Davenport in Naked Run
Alexander Hathaway in Polycarp
Frank 'The Handler' Maro in The Waiter
Man in the White Suit in An Affirmative Act
Judge Frier in The Great Fight
James Wise in The Life Zone
Frank Maro in Rogue Assassin
Dylan Frier in Scavenger Killers
Santa Claus in Bleeding Hearts


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