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Role Actor Elizabeth McGovern
Evelyn Nesbit in Ragtime
Chloe Allen in Lovesick
Deborah in Once Upon a Time in America
Caddie Winger in Racing with the Moon
Mary Dalton in Native Son
Denise in The Bedroom Window
Kristy Briggs in She's Having a Baby
Donna McCarty in Johnny Handsome
Moira in The Handmaid's Tale
Stella Anderson in A Shock to the System
Fanny in Me and Veronica
Emily Embrey in The Favor
Noƫlle in Wings of Courage
Till Turner in The Misadventures of Margaret
Mrs Thatcham in Cheerful Weather for the Wedding
Cora Grantham in Downton Abbey: A New Era
Jane in Angels Crest
Norma in The Chaperone
Carolyn in Unexpected
Shirley in Showing Roots
16080 in And Mrs
Gretchen Lansing in A Name Without a Place


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