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Role Actor Aidan Quinn
Johnny Rourke in Reckless
Dez in Desperately Seeking Susan
Felipe in The Mission
Richard 'Stick' Montgomery in Stakeout
Crusoe in Crusoe
Jules Kaye in Avalon
Nick in The Handmaid's Tale
Martin Quarrier in At Play in the Fields of the Lord
Tom Casey in The Playboys
Benny Pearl in Benny & Joon
Detective John Hallstrom in Blink
Alfred Ludlow in Legends of the Fall
David Ash in Haunted
Don Day in The Stars Fell on Henrietta
Seth Warner in Commandments
Harry Boland in Michael Collins
Annibal Ramirez in The Assignment
Paul Cooper in In Dreams
Kieran O'Day in This Is My Father
Joe O'Malley in Stolen Summer
Nick Barron in Evelyn
William Franklin in Song for a Raggy Boy
Clint Windsor in Cavedweller
Detective Scofield in Shadow of Fear
Frank Nitzche in Return to Sender
Jacob Reiser in Dark Matter
Alec in A Shine of Rainbows
Gerry Moore in Wild Child
16080 in Cry from the Sea
Steven Abbate in The 5th Quarter
Daniel in Food Fight
Nicholas Holden in The Eclipse
Martin B in Unknown
Gabriel Robinson in Blacklight
Henry Brown in The Greening of Whitney Brown
Cameron Brogden in Rushlights
Adem in Festival of Lights
John Carver in The Last Keepers
Sandy in The Stand Up
Lieutenant Colonel Owens in Allegiance
Bruce Wright in Daughter of the Bride
Dermot Fay in Stay
Moody in Change in the Air
John Wilson in Spiked
Carlos in The Assignment


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