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Role Actor Forest Whitaker
Edward Garlick in Good Morning, Vietnam
Charlie 'Bird' Parker in Bird
Dennis Curren in Downtown
Dr. Sid Handleman in Article 99
Dekker in Diary of a Hitman
Jackson in A Rage in Harlem
Jody in The Crying Game
Officer Battle in Bank Robber
Nate Pope in Phenomenon
Ghost Dog in Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai
Officer Dante Jackson in Light It Up
Captain Ramey in Phone Booth
Ker in Battlefield Earth
Addie in Green Dragon
Bernard in The Fourth Angel
Burnham in Panic Room
Ira in Where the Wild Things Are
Clyde Snow in Even Money
Carter in American Gun
Abe Holt in A Little Trip to Heaven
Captain Jack Wander in Street Kings
Ted Younger in Mary
Dr. James Farmer Sr. in The Great Debaters
Howard Lewis in Vantage Point
Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland
Narrator in Crips and Bloods: Made in America
Philip in Ripple Effect
Geoffrey Hunt in The Marsh
Charlie Archenault in Winged Creatures
Barris in The Experiment
Charlie in Powder Blue
Jake in Repo Men
Al Collins in Hurricane Season
Joey in My Own Love Song
Brad Boyd in Our Family Wedding
Cecil Gaines in The Butler
Teddy in Toys in the Attic
George in Lullaby for Pi
16080 in Havoc
Reverend Cornell Cobbs in Black Nativity
Agent John Bannister in The Last Stand
Will in Pawn
Source in A Fall from Grace
Tick Wills in Southpaw
LaRue in Freelancers
Ronny in Catch .44
Angel Sanchez in Repentance
Francisco Francis in A Dark Truth
Desmond Tutu in The Forgiven
Ali Sokhela in Zulu
William Garnett in Two Men in Town
Narrator in We Are One
Frank Dotzler in Taken 3
C. L. Franklin in Respect
Colonel Weber in Arrival
Jack Jackson in City of Lies
16080 in Average Height, Average Build
Narrator in Sewing Hope
Reverend Kennedy in Burden
Howard Lambert in Finding Steve McQueen
Jeronicus in Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey
Ghost Dog in Ghost Dog 2
Narrator in Prophets of Change


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