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Role Actor Treat Williams
Cpl. Chuck 'Stretch' Sitarski in 1941
Berger in Hair
Cletus in Why Would I Lie?
Detective Daniel Ciello in Prince of the City
Meade in The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper
Ernie Wyatt in Flashpoint
Jimmy O'Donnell in Once Upon a Time in America
Arnold Friend in Smooth Talk
Roger Mortis in Dead Heat
Peter in Sweet Lies
Hoyt Cunningham in Heart of Dixie
Mark Hendrix in The Third Solution
Robert Laidlow in Beyond the Ocean
David Ziegler in Night of the Sharks
George McCallister in Hand Gun
Xander Drax in The Phantom
John Finnegan in Deep Rising
Pat in The Deep End of the Ocean
Mike Jeffers in Critical Mass
Agent Jason Ross in Crash Point Zero
Ferdinando detto GiugiĆ¹ in Neapolitan Sting
Mr. Spencer Runcie in The Circle
Luis Gordon in Moola
Father Amy in The Hideout
Capitano Jeff Clark in Martino's Summer
Colonel Wessinger in Oba: The Last Samurai
Mr. Gray in Blue Residents
Anderson Clarke in Second Act
Mr. Wheeler in Barefoot
Gabe Jacobs in Age of Dinosaurs
Charlie Winship in The Congressman
Gen. Hank Wallace in Operation Rogue
Agent Jameison R. Donovan in American Outlaws
Dr. Welch in The Great Alaskan Race


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