Frederic Forrest


IMDB Person Frederic Forrest
Role Actor Frederic Forrest
Role CharacterJohnny Longo
Role MovieThe Filthy Five
Role CharacterTom Black Bull
Role MovieWhen the Legends Die
Role CharacterTony Fargo
Role MovieThe Don Is Dead
Role CharacterMark
Role MovieThe Conversation
Role CharacterRussell (Rut) Dion
Role MovieThe Gravy Train
Role CharacterEugene Scott
Role MovieIt Lives Again
Role CharacterEN3 Jay 'Chef' Hicks
Role MovieApocalypse Now
Role CharacterDyer
Role MovieThe Rose
Role CharacterHank
Role MovieOne from the Heart
Role CharacterHammett
Role MovieHammett
Role CharacterSonny Gibbs
Role MovieValentino Returns
Role CharacterEddie
Role MovieTucker: The Man and His Dream
Role CharacterNolen Tyner
Role MovieCat Chaser
Role CharacterJack Burke
Role MovieMusic Box
Role CharacterDr. Judd
Role MovieTrauma
Role CharacterMike
Role MovieHidden Fears
Role CharacterPaul Harkness
Role MovieDouble Obsession
Role CharacterMaj. Ron Bridges
Role MovieOne of Our Own
Role CharacterDet. Luddy
Role MovieImplicated
Role CharacterMr. Chaminski
Role MovieWhatever
Role CharacterDavid Millman
Role MovieThe First 9 1/2 Weeks
Role CharacterMac Bradford
Role MoviePoint Blank
Role CharacterPaulo Tredici
Role MovieA Piece of Eden
Role CharacterWilliam Fain
Role MovieMilitia
Role CharacterMichael McGivern
Role MovieThe Spreading Ground
Role CharacterDavid
Role MovieThe Quality of Light
Role MovieViet Rock


Birthdate of Frederic Forrest
Birthdate1936 AD
Deathdate of Frederic Forrest
Deathdate2023 AD