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Role Actor Brian Cox
Steven Shaw in In Celebration
Dr. Lecktor in Manhunter
Voiceover Narrator in Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky
Kerrigan in Hidden Agenda
Narrator (English version) in L'oeil de Vichy
Aethelwine in Royal Deceit
Mr. Smith in The Glimmer Man
Captain Jeremiah Cassidy in Desperate Measures
Inspector McDunn in Complicity
Carlton Heard in Deceptions
Chisolm in Strictly Sinatra
George Beneventi in Saltwater
Big John Harrigan in L.I.E.
Gary Barker in The Ringer
Richard Morgan in The Ring
Narrator in The Trials of Henry Kissinger
Ward Abbott in The Bourne Supremacy
Joe Reisert in Red Eye
Dr. Finch in Running with Scissors
Douglas Baxter in The Flying Scotsman
Jacques in The Good Heart
'Spanners' in Agent Crush
Wally in All at Sea
Mr. Kreeg in Trick 'r Treat
Irving in The Key Man
Frank Perry in The Escapist
Avery Ludlow in Red
Daniel Tennant in Shoot on Sight
Phillip Van Doren in Tell Tale
Baron William d'Aubigny in Ironclad
Grandpa in Skelly
Menenius in Coriolanus
16080 in The Parenting
Helm Hammerhand in The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim
Narrator in Quasi
16080 in Glenrothan
Sebastian in Anna
Malcolm Young in Exit Humanity
Harold in Blumenthal
Gilles in Last Moment of Clarity
Owen Benjamin in The Lost Language of Cranes
Sir Matt Busby in Believe
Lenny Fairburn in Blood
Santa Clause in Mr. C Goes to New York
Narration in A Castle in Brooklyn, King Arthur
Winston Churchill in Churchill
Jaan in Little Wing
16080 in Riff Raff
Henry in The Pretenders
Bill in Strange But True
Dr. Langham in The Anomaly
Tommy in The Autopsy of Jane Doe
Nicholas Booker in The Independent
Andrew Carnegie in Andrew Carnegie: Rags to Riches, Power to Peace
Epilogue in Lawrence: After Arabia
Narrator in Pacific Warriors
Rory MacNeil in The Etruscan Smile
Milton in The Bay of Silence
Conrad (UK & US) in Bob the Builder: Mega Machines
16080 in The Electric State
Ike Fletcher in Mending the Line
Father (Voice) in Lawrence: After Arabia
Crunch (UK & US) in Bob the Builder: Mega Machines


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