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Role Actor Vinnie Jones
Bullet-Tooth Tony in Snatch
Danny Meehan in Mean Machine
Michael Kittredge in Blast
Sean in Hollywood Flies
Briggs in Slipstream
Johnny Doyle in Johnny Was
McStarley in The Condemned
Dinklage in She's the Man
Detective Brice in Played
Dunn in The Heavy
Smasher O'Driscoll in Strength and Honour
Mahogany in The Midnight Meat Train
Mongrel - Rover in Tooth and Nail
Mr. Hunter in Legend of the Bog
Temple in Bullet Proof
Cain in The Bleeding
Willard Greb in The Bezonians
Bernard O'Mahoney in Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins
Jack Varga in Diamond Heist
Stubb in Age of the Dragons
Anton Vargas in Locked Down
Joe Ballard in Hijacked
Renner in Toxin
Killer in The Liquidator
Quincy in Fractured
Golden Pole in Redirected
John Elliot in Way of the Wicked
Vincent Camastra in Ambushed
Campbell in Blood of Redemption
Ivan Rudovsky in Extraction
Bennett in Puncture Wounds
Big John in Bite
Vincent De La Cruz in Throwdown
Yust Van Borg in The Calculator
Ray Kaplan in Rivers 9
John Doe in 6 Ways to Die
Ray Brookes in Kill Kane
Gunnar in Cross Wars
Lu in Checkmate
Michael Price in Decommissioned
Vinnie in Madness in the Method
Ron Hopper in Ron Hopper's Misfortune
Sean Teague in I Am Vengeance: Retaliation
Neelyn in The Big Ugly


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