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Role Actor John Gielgud
Daniel in Who Is the Man?
Rex Trasmere in The Clue of the New Pin
Henri Dubois in Insult
Inigo Jollifant in The Good Companions
Richard Ashenden in Secret Agent
Benjamin Disraeli in The Prime Minister
Cassius in Julius Caesar
Edward Moulton-Barrett in The Barretts of Wimpole Street
Earl of Warwick in Saint Joan
Narrator (English version) in To Die in Madrid
King Louis of France in Becket
Henry IV in Chimes at Midnight
Narrator in Révolution d'octobre
Curt Valayan in Assignment to Kill
Lord Raglan in The Charge of the Light Brigade
Head of Intelligence in Sebastian
Julius Caesar in Julius Caesar
Lord Sissal in Eagle in a Cage
Clive Langham in Providence
John Lasocki in The Conductor
The Preacher in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Carr Gomm in The Elephant Man
Dr. Esau in The Formula
Hobson in Arthur
Abdu-Hamdi in Sphinx
Lord Irwin in Gandhi
Hogarth in The Wicked Lady
Uncle Willie in Scandalous
Cornelius Cardew in The Shooting Party
Reverend Clyde Ormiston in Invitation to the Wedding
John Middleton Murry in Leave All Fair
Sir Adrian Chapple in The Whistle Blower
Barbablù in Barbablù, Barbablù
Colonel Carbury in Appointment with Death
Hobson in Arthur 2: On the Rocks
Prospero in Prospero's Books
Doctor Doyle in Haunted
Narrator in The Leopard Son
Edgar Brodie in Secret Agent
King Louis VII of France in Becket


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