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Role Actor Sally Kirkland
Joann in Coming Apart
Diane Paine in Fatal Games
Anna in Anna
Catherine Wade in Best of the Best
Maureen in Cold Feet
Bambi in High Stakes
Marion Easton in Paint It Black
Willie in Bullseye!
Monica Martel in Double Threat
Emma Flegenheimer in Hit the Dutchman
Lee Adams in In the Heat of Passion
Helen Poulas in Primary Motive
Joan in Stringer
Lori in Eye of the Stranger
Jenny in Paper Hearts
Charlene Hunt in Amnesia
Mother Ghost in Little Ghost
Sydelle Pulaski in The Westing Game
Roberta Devereaux in Wilbur Falls
Marilyn Monroe in The Island
Danielle Roberts in Guns & Lipstick
Dr. Kurtzwell in Paranoia
Patient in Brand X
Detective Brook Murphy in Starry Night
Beautiful Woman in The 13 Most Beautiful Women
Elizabeth Malby in Out of the Black
Nana in Mothers and Daughters
Katherine St. Croix in A Month of Sundays
Helen in The Rose Technique
Emilia in Mango Kiss
Olga in A-List
Friday-Anne in The Noah
Ruth Zabrinski in What's Up, Scarlet?
Queen Margaret in Richard III
Madame Foreman in Big Stan
Pat Mazur in House Under Siege
Lois in Resurrection Mary
Scarlett Wilkinson in All of It Happened on a Thursday
Rose in Lights Out
Sherri in Here We Are
doc. Holly in The Final Code
Doctor Parker in The Haunting of Hell Hole Mine
Elizabeth St. James in Mollie & Friends
Alice in Holiday Boyfriend
Lois in The Legend of Resurrection Mary
Sally in The Last Gamble
Charlotte Penn in Woods Witch
Harold's Nana in Jack the Reaper
Jeena in The Wayshower
Jen in The Visitor from Planet Omicron
Margaret in Archaeology of a Woman
Mary in The Wishmakers
Emma Augustyn in Film Fiend
Mrs. Wallace in Broken Roads
Theresa Morgan in Altered Perceptions
Dr. Jane Dunning in Aftermath
Josephine Willard in Stranger Paths
Suzy 'The Salt Shaker' in The Bride from Vegas
Bertha in Buddy Hutchins
Hanna in Buddy Solitaire
Elisabeth in The Code of Cain
Mrs. Chantilly in Los Angeles Overnight
Margaret in Get Married or Die
Claudette in Gnaw
Helena in Sarah Q
Sally Kirkland in Sallywood
Adele in Paint It Red
Marilyn Tuttlebaum in Wally Got Wasted
Lesley Judd in When It Rings
Georgia in Hope for the Holidays
May in The New Hands
Mother in Cuck
Dr. Quade in Invincible
Melanie Rose in High Stakes
President's Wife in Brand X


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