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Role Actor John Cassavetes
Robert Batsford in The Night Holds Terror
Frankie Dane in Crime in the Streets
Nick in Affair in Havana
Axel Nordmann in Edge of the City
Tony Sinclair in Saddle the Wind
Evan in Our Virgin Island
Vance Miller in The Webster Boy
Johnny North in The Killers
Cody in Devil's Angels
Victor R. Franko in The Dirty Dozen
Mario Corda in Bandits in Rome
Guy Woodhouse in Rosemary's Baby
Gus Demetri in Husbands
Hank McCain in Machine Gun McCain
Sgt. Button in Two-Minute Warning
Maj. Joe De Lucca in Brass Target
Childress in The Fury
Maurice Aarons in Opening Night
Dr. Michael Emerson in Whose Life Is It Anyway?
Sam Cordell in The Incubus
Phillip in Tempest
Marvin Stewart in Marvin & Tige
Robert Harmon in Love Streams


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