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Role Actor Yaphet Kotto
Lt. Pope in Across 110th Street
Bone in Bone
Mark Johnson in The Limit
Kananga in Live and Let Die
Blue in Truck Turner
Colt Hawkins in Friday Foster
Richard 'Crunch' Blackstone in Report to the Commissioner
Ben Flynn in Sharks' Treasure
Daddy Foxx in The Monkey Hu$tle
Smokey in Blue Collar
Richard 'Dickie' Coombes in Brubaker
Othello in Othello
Ivanhoe Washington in Fighting Back
Detective Harry Lowes in The Star Chamber
Major Connolly in Warning Sign
J.B. Deveraux in Eye of the Tiger
Col. Styles in Terminal Entry
Laughlin in The Running Man
Doctor Fillmore in The Jigsaw Murders
Alonzo Mosely in Midnight Run
Jules Tallard in A Whisper to a Scream
Detective Larson in Extreme Justice
FBI Agent O'Malley in Two If by Sea
Mr. Big in Live and Let Die


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