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Role Actor James Le Gros
Mike in Phantasm II
Rick in Drugstore Cowboy
Lance in Blood and Concrete
Howard in Guncrazy
Skippy in My New Gun
Dodger in Don't Do It
John in Floundering
Thoreau in Destiny Turns on the Radio
Fenton Ray in Boys
Lt. Michael Killip in Countdown
Grill in The Destiny of Marty Fine
Billy Hill in Thursday
Hunter in The Pass
Bicker in Jump
Jack in If You Only Knew
Peter Barnes in Drop Back Ten
Joe 'Mac' McBeth in Scotland, Pa.
Soldier in Straight Into Darkness
Hugh in November
James Hoffman in The Last Winter
Palmer in Sherman's Way
Revis in Welcome to Academia
Peter Grey in Bitter Feast
Donald Portnoy in A Birder's Guide to Everything
Chris Madsen in Don't Let Me Go
Michael in Redwood Highway
Cody in Stray Bullets
Ryan in Certain Women
William Templeton in Buck Run
Wilson in Foxhole
Bob in Waterlily Jaguar
Conrad in Earthlings
Bobby in Phoenix, Oregon


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