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Role Actor Maximilian Schell
Wolfgang Thomas in Ein Herz kehrt heim
Lt. Alexander 'Alex' Haller in The Girl from Flanders
Lorenz Darrandt in The Last Ones Shall Be First
Toni Schellenberg in Taxi Driver Baenz
Josef Rainer in Kinder der Berge
Walter in Five Finger Exercise
Giuseppe in The Reluctant Saint
Franz von Gerlach in The Condemned of Altona
Walter Harper in Topkapi
Stanislaus Pilgrin in Return from the Ashes
German Narrator in John F. Kennedy: Years of Lightning, Day of Drums
Dieter Frey in The Deadly Affair
Schiller in Counterpoint
Marek in Beyond the Mountains
'K' in The Castle
Simón Bolívar in Simón Bolívar
Captain Hanson in Krakatoa: East of Java
Father in First Love
Le comte Michele Cantarini in Paulina 1880
Andreas Giese in The Pedestrian
Eduard Roschmann in The Odessa File
Arthur Goldman in The Man in the Glass Booth
Djuro Sarac in The Day That Shook the World
Hauptmann (Capt.) Stransky in Cross of Iron
Dr. John Constable in St. Ives
Johann in Julia
Colonel Nikolai Bunin in Avalanche Express
Dr. Hans Reinhardt in The Black Hole
Marco in Players
Giovanni in Together?
Professor David Malter in The Chosen
Lawyer Landau in Morgen in Alabama
Col. Müller in The Assisi Underground
Aaron Reichenbach in The Rose Garden
German Commentator in You Can't Live Like That
The Filmmaker in Labyrinth
Isaak Kohler in Justiz
Narrator in Lara - Meine Jahre mit Boris Pasternak
Dr. Istvan Jonas in Telling Lies in America
Jürgen Sengebusch in Ripening Youth
Hochberg in On the Wings of Love
Fabrice in The Islands
Poser in Just Messing About
Walter Ekland in I Love You, Baby
Viktor Kovner in Festival in Cannes
Kogi in House of the Sleeping Beauties
Mr. Escher in Les brigands
16080 in Arch of Triumph
16080 in Laughter in the Dark
Alfred Steiglitz in An American Place
Edmond's friend in House of the Sleeping Beauties


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