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Role Actor Maurice Costello
Orlando in As You Like It
Seyn - the Cobbler in A Princess of Bagdad
Mr. Barnes in Mr. Barnes of New York
Prince Oscar in The Crown Prince's Double
Martin Henchford in The Man Who Couldn't Beat God
Harold Stanley in The Crimson Stain Mystery
Lawford Tapp in The Captain's Captain
John Sark in The Cambric Mask
Henry Longfield in The Man Who Won
Paul Klocke in Deadline at Eleven
Richard Morton in Human Collateral
Fraser Grimstead in The Tower of Jewels
Putnam in Determination
Deputy Brown in Fog Bound
Fred Gillow in The Glimpses of the Moon
Caleb Perkins in Man and Wife
16080 in Heart of Alaska
Cyrus Blake in The Law and the Lady
Sir Humphrey in Let Not Man Put Asunder
Mr. Redfield in Love of Women
Ben Corcoran in Roulette
Josiah Wright in Virtuous Liars
John Keane in Week End Husbands
16080 in The Mad Marriage
Baxter Ryan in Johnny Get Your Hair Cut
The Captain of the Fire Brigade - Tom's Father in The Last Alarm
William Neil in The Wives of the Prophet
Father O'Brien in The Shamrock and the Rose
Bob's Father in Wolves of the Air
16080 in Black Feather
16080 in Eagle of the Night
16080 in See You Later
Colonel Beldan in The Wagon Show
Sanford in The Girl-Woman
Joe Godfrey, Drug Commissioner in Half a Hero
Barry Lawrence in The Crown Prince's Double


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