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Role Actor Spottiswoode Aitken
James Smith - Mary's Father in Home, Sweet Home
The Uncle in The Avenging Conscience: or 'Thou Shalt Not Kill'
Colonel Nutt - Mae's Uncle in Her Shattered Idol
Judge in The Old Folks at Home
The Lawyer in The Outcast
The Soothsayer in The Outlaw's Revenge
Presidente Hernando de Valdez in The Americano
Bartholomew Thompson in The Flying Torpedo
Col. Raleigh in An Innocent Magdalene
Duncan in Macbeth
Gabriel Brooks - Maisie's Father in The Price of Power
Carl Wagner in The Wharf Rat
Lucius Garrett in Charity Castle
Rev. John Deady in Cheerful Givers
Silas Stone in A Game of Wits
Josiah Vale in Souls Triumphant
Father Mort in Southern Pride
Benjamin Wilson in Beauty and the Rogue
Simon Quarle in The Cruise of the Make-Believes
Rufus Bonner in How Could You, Jean?
Mr. Manners in In Judgment of...
Mr. Banard in The Broken Commandments
Caleb Piper in Caleb Piper's Girl
Augus MacTavish in Captain Kidd, Jr.
Benedict Bellefontaine in Evangeline
Col. DuBrey Carter in Fighting Through
Thaddeus Briggs in Hay Foot, Straw Foot
David Rutledge in Her Kingdom of Dreams
The King in Rough-Riding Romance
Archibald Craven in The Secret Garden
Allan Pomeroy in The Thunderbolt
Mr. Ludlow in Who Cares?
Fadem in The Wicked Darling
Jeremiah Wishart in Bonnie Bonnie Lassie
Old Roland in Nomads of the North
Bernard Huddlestone in The White Circle
Terence O'Day in At the End of the World
Henry Wilburton in The Unknown Wife
Edward Peebles in A Dangerous Game
Stephen Gregory in The Man of Courage
Gregory Monmouth in The Price of Youth
Pere Jerome in Six Days
Captain John Ferguson in The Fire Patrol
Ephraim Brewster in Gerald Cranston's Lady
Sourdough McCraig in Lure of the Yukon
Bob Hartley in Pioneer's Gold
Eagle Eye in Accused
Capt. Slocum in The Coast Patrol
Mr. Benedict - Myra's Father in The Power of the Weak
Dad Randall in The Two-Gun Man
Calvert Carter in Roaring Fires
David Lyman in Jane Goes A' Wooing
Jethro Stark in Melissa of the Hills
The Judge in Stage Struck
The Father in Dangerous Love
Judge Cotter in A Woman's Awakening
16080 in Witch's Lure
Henrietta's Grandfather in The Handicap


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