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Role Actor Gerald Ames
Secret Agent in 0-18 or A Message from the Sky
Captain Gerald Anstey in The Fringe of War
Orlando in Love in a Wood
Jim Palliser in A Man of His Word
Julian Chandler in The Middleman
Rupert of Hentzau in The Prisoner of Zenda
Robert Waring in The Folly of Desire
Arsene Lupin in Arsene Lupin
Hon. Paul Walmsley in Under Suspicion
Montrose in The King's Daughter
Harvey Royle in The Princess of Happy Chance
Rupert of Hentzau in Rupert of Hentzau
Henry Normand in The Sons of Satan
Sir Bryan Ballymore in When Knights Were Bold
Arthur Donnithome in Adam Bede
Cherry Ricardo in Boundary House
Hugh Scarlett in Red Pottage
Paul Meredith in Sheba
John Armstrong in Comradeship
Nigel Ennison in Anna the Adventuress
Hinson in Helen of Four Gates
Lt. Denis Allen in Alf's Button
Bothwell in The Loves of Mary, Queen of Scots
Marquis de Beaumont in A Royal Divorce
Lord Maulveren in The King's Highway
Capt. Harry Wyndham in Missing the Tide
Wilderspin in Aylwin
Capt. von Hindburg in 1914
Dorrington in The Amazing Quest of Mr. Ernest Bliss
Victor Standish in The Irresistible Flapper
Ezra Blott in John Forrest Finds Himself
Vincent Dampier in Mrs. Erricker's Reputation
Will Martindale in A Fortune at Stake
16080 in La maison dans la forĂȘt
Lt. Lancelot Pleydell in Brother Officers
Edward Farley in His Vindication
John Ingledew in The Nature of the Beast
Prince Maletta in Paste
John Redstone in The Forest on the Hill
Dr. Purnell in Sunken Rocks
Clem Fordrough in Tansy
Richard Staire in Possession
Dennis Laurenny in A Gamble for Love
Don Andrea in A Light Woman
Walery in The Little People
Gentleman Jeff in God's Prodigal
Walter Bowman in The Ragged Messenger
Gordon Chorley in A Turf Conspiracy
Raymond Straithmore in The Woman Who Obeyed
Aubrey Viveash in The Hypocrites
Augustus Joyce in A Peep Behind the Scenes
Captain Douglas Desburn in The Derby Winner
Bevan Hutchinson in Wild Heather
Jack Leroy in The Greater Need
A.J. Raffles in Mr. Justice Raffles
Doctor Hartley in Whoso Diggeth a Pit
Francis Drake in The Christian
Roger Wentworth in The Difficult Way


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