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Role Actor Beverly Bayne
Lady Hermione in One Wonderful Night
Marcelle de Lembach in The Crimson Wing
Princess Yetive in Graustark
Eugenia Blondeau in Pennington's Choice
Dorothy Manners in Richard Carvel
Beverly Ryerson in In the Diplomatic Service
Mary Knowles in Man and His Soul
Dagmar Lorraine in A Million a Minute
Juliet in Romeo and Juliet
Edith Ferris in The Wall Between
Marion Conover in The Adopted Son
Beverly Clarke in The Great Secret
Helen Molloy-Smythe in Red, White and Blue Blood
Mollie Anderson in Their Compact
Allane Houston in The Voice of Conscience
Edith Everett in The Brass Check
Sally Phillips in Cyclone Higgins, D.D.
Virginia Parke in A Pair of Cupids
Arizona Brown in The Poor Rich Man
Phyllis Lane in Social Quicksands
Virginia Blake in Under Suspicion
Geraldine Ames in With Neatness and Dispatch
Louise de Villars in Daring Hearts
Ruth Heatherly in God's Outlaw
Carol Hilton in Her Marriage Vow
Countess Olenska in The Age of Innocence
Willa Brookes in The Tenth Woman
Mary Rand in Passionate Youth
Mrs. Hosack in Who Cares
16080 in The Red Mouse
Rosemary in The Right of Way
Denise Varley in Modern Marriage
Miss Graft - Will's Sister in The Legacy of Happiness
Marie Blondeau in Pennington's Choice


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