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Leica Q3
Leica Q3Leica Q3Leica Q3Leica Q3Leica Q3Leica Q3Leica Q3


Product Leica Q3
Adorama $5,995
B&H Photo $5,995
Walmart $7,620


Product Brand of Leica Q3
Product Brand
Product Family of Leica Q3
Product Family
Retail Price of Leica Q3
Retail Price
$5,995 USD
Release Year of Leica Q3
Release Year
Produced Product Leica Q3
Production Country

Web Profile

Webpage of Leica Q3
Webpage URL
Product Manual of Leica Q3
Product Manual
Firmware Download for Leica Q3
Firmware Download

Digital Camera

Digital Camera Mechanism of Leica Q3
Digital Camera Mechanism
Camera Lens Mount of Leica Q3
Camera Lens Mount
Camera Flash of Leica Q3
Camera Flash
Image Sensor Type of Leica Q3
Image Sensor Type
Image Sensor Size of Leica Q3
Image Sensor Size
Full Frame Sensor
Mechanical Shutter Speed of Leica Q3
Mechanical Shutter Speed
1/2000 Shutter Speed
Digital Zoom of Leica Q3
Digital Zoom
3 Optical Magnification
Color of Camera Leica Q3
Camera Color

Digital Camera Image Recording

Image Resolution of Leica Q3
Image Resolution
60 Megapixels
Image Burst Framerate of Leica Q3
Image Burst Framerate
15 FPS
Low Native ISO of Leica Q3
Low Native ISO
50 ISO
High Native ISO of Leica Q3
High Native ISO
100,000 ISO
Image File Format of Leica Q3
Image File Format

Digital Camera Video Recording

Video Settings of Leica Q3
Video Settings
7,680px @ 30FPS
3,840px @ 60FPS
1,920px @ 120FPS
Video Codec of Leica Q3
Video Codec
Video File Format of Leica Q3
Video File Format
Video File Extension of Leica Q3
Video File Extension
Audio Codec of Leica Q3
Audio Codec

Data Connection

Bluetooth Compatibility of Leica Q3
Bluetooth Compatibility
GPS Compatibility of Leica Q3
GPS Compatibility
HDMI Compatibility of Leica Q3
HDMI Compatibility
USB Compatibility of Leica Q3
USB Compatibility
Wi-Fi Compatibility of Leica Q3
Wi-Fi Compatibility


Screen Articulation of Leica Q3
Screen Articulation
Flip Screen
Screen Size of Leica Q3
Diagonal Screen Size
3 Diagonal Inches
Screen Touch of Leica Q3
Screen Touchable
Screen Type of Leica Q3
Screen Type

Memory Card Compatibility

Slot Count of Leica Q3
Slot Count
1 Memory Card Slot
SD Card Format of Leica Q3
SD Card Format
SD Card Capacity of Leica Q3
SD Card Capacity
SD Card Speed of Leica Q3
SD Card Speed

Battery Compatibility

Battery Quantity of Leica Q3
Battery Quantity
1 Battery
Battery Model of Leica Q3
Battery Model


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